Programs & Services

As a human services provider, Keystone Wellness Programs has made a number of population-based programs and services available to residents, businesses, and organizations throughout the western Pennsylvania area. Timely topics and current trends are the specialty of our skilled health educators. A sampling of our popular programs follows, however, we are always open to consulting with businesses or community agencies to develop a customized solution.


This recurring, evidenced-based core program is designed to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use while reducing bullying and fighting. Other outcomes include stress management and good character development.


Trained educators are available to provide tobacco cessation classes for individuals at various locations throughout Butler and Beaver counties. As part of the statewide initiative to assist health care providers and community leaders to encourage their patients or consumers to quit using tobacco, Keystone Wellness Programs educators also offers training on the “Fax to Quit” or web-based “Quit Logix” referral program for healthcare providers and community leaders.


An innovative drug prevention program designed for parents and their children aged 10 and up. The evening provides a basis for informed decisions and good family communication. Reality Tour is an evening filled with dramatic presentations and opportunities to learn about the consequences of substance abuse. Reality Tour youth drug prevention program is a national program of Candle, Inc.

Tobacco Education

Tobacco products are constantly changing, especially today with e-cigarettes. A statement from the CDC, “The use of certain USB-shaped e-cigarettes is especially dangerous among youth because these products contain extremely high levels of nicotine, which can harm the developing adolescent brain”(CDC, 2018). Our health educators engage a variety of age groups with tobacco education including traditional and new products to prevent youth tobacco use and to encourage life-long healthy behaviors. The “Why Animals Don’t Smoke” puppet show is perfect for very young children. For older youth, our educators provide interactive presentations to all grade levels and encourage peer-to-peer education within school districts.


A health educator shares information in an engaging presentation about the growing problem of youth related and compulsive gambling.  Twice-yearly trainings are planned and offered for regional professionals as well.