Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14

Is Your Family Prepared for the Journey Through the Adolescent Years?

The Strengthening Families Program can help you pack your bags with the skills needed for an exciting adventure!

Attend this FREE 7-week program for families with a 10-14 year old!

Family Dinner, Gifts, and Prizes Each Week, Plus Childcare for Younger Siblings Provided!


Starting Jan. 29th at Rochester High School Register Here!

Starting March 3rd at Butler YWCA Register Here!

Starting March 2nd at Light of Salvation Church in Beaver Falls Register Here!

Starting April 16th at Aliquippa Jr/Sr High School Register Here!

Program Components:

SFP 10-14 focuses on setting appropriate limits, using consequences, protecting against substance abuse, handling peer pressure, reaching out for help, understanding family values, and building family communication. During the first half of each session, parents and youth meet separately working on similar skills. During the second half, the youth and parents participate together as a family to practice skills, play games and do family projects.

Program Goals:

  • Build life skills in youth, including stress management, empathy, conflict resolution, and communication skills
  • Strengthen family bonds, promote positive communication, and enhance the ability to solve problems together

Proven Program Effectiveness:

Research shows that following the program, parents who attend are significantly more likely to:
• Set and clearly communicate expectations and consequences for substance use
• Manage anger & strong emotions in parent-child relationships
• Involve the child in family activities & decision making
• Improve communication with their child
• Improve child management


• Demonstrate lower levels of substance-related risk
• Have delayed onset of problematic behaviors
• Increased resistance to peer pressure
• Improved school engagement two years after program completion
• Improved academic success six years after program completion