Health Programs for PA Residents

Keystone Wellness Programs is here to increase wellness in Pennsylvania residents.

As a human programs provider, we’ve made a number of population-based programs available to residents, businesses, and organizations throughout the western PA. Timely topics and current trends are the specialty of our skilled health educators. A sampling of our popular programs follows, however, we are always open to consulting with businesses or community agencies to develop a customized solution.

Student participating in prevention based programming

School-Based Prevention Programs

Educators and parents are busier than ever, but drug and alcohol prevention education should never take the back seat. Our engaging staff deliver evidence-based prevention programs in local school districts, giving students the opportunity to ask questions and learn about drugs and alcohol. Let us help you connect with your students and open the door for further conversation about the benefits of living a drug-free life. We will equip students with a broad knowledge base, refusal and coping skills, and alternative activity opportunities!


Keystone Wellness Programs offers prevention programming to all ages, ranging from preschool to college.

Community & Family Programs

At Keystone Wellness Programs, we LOVE our communities! You’ll find us at community events connecting families to programs that help to build stronger bonds and family skills. We will come to your church, sports team, or group to provide resources and education to improve communication, resilience, and coping skills to handle life’s stressors. We believe in whole person wellness and want to support you on your journey!


We also offer support to businesses as they encourage wellness among their staff and property. Let us help you today.

Children attending programming about tobacco prevention

Tobacco Prevention & Control Programs

Ever have the unpleasant experience of walking through a cloud of someone else’s smoke or vape? For more than 15 years, Keystone Wellness Programs has been dedicated to preventing and reducing tobacco and nicotine use and increasing education about smoking hazards and secondhand smoke. We offer a full school and community based nicotine prevention, intervention, and cessation services.


Worried about a teen or loved one? Reach out. We can help!

Gambling Programs

The “hidden addiction” impacting our country is gambling. Video games, sports, the lottery… we are exposed to these opportunities for gambling every day. Gone are the days where you had to visit a casino decorated with lights to place your bets. Now, Americans are engaging in gambling at younger ages and for larger stakes. Our educators provide information to communities about problem and compulsive gambling, ranging from school-based programming to community events to professional trainings.


Kickstart the road to recovery with tips and programming designed to help your loved one (or students, patients, etc.) and their families lead a happier bet-free life.

Teens learning about dangers of gambling